With our in house punching machines and designers, we offer custom design screens to cater to each clients needs. Each screen is individually designed offering optimal detailed spacing and open area required for each application.

Ranging from perforated plates, grading screens, test screens ect our team is ready for each new challenge and to attend to each new order with attention to detail. each application.

In addition to cleaner and grading screens we offer:

  • A wide variety of hammer mill screens manufactured on a dedicated machine
  • RSM Sifter screens with or with screen (Micron, stainless, mild or mesh)
  • Le Coq Sifter Screens
  • Coniperth screens imported with finest of quality materials used

Milling Spares and services has created a fully equipped wood workshop, manufacturing high volumes of various high in demand frames. In addition to stock standard frames, we offer custom designed frames using only the finest quality of wood.

We have developed a frame/ball tray design, this design reduces time spend to remove screen/ball tray individual simplifying the screen changing/cleaning process.

Our design consist of:

  1. Perforated plate
  2. Wooden frame
  3. Rubber balls
  4. Wire mesh