Parts for Engineering

              MSS offers only the highest quality Swing Tray internal and external components.

Torque Limiters, Sprockets, Collars, Shafts and Plastic Guide Rails are machined and fabricated in-house providing the highest quality standards. Panels are Laser Cut, fabricated and powder-coated at our Chamdor Factory and come in mild or stainless steel. Our Buckets are injection moulded from PPE or Anti-Static food grade materials and come in 12inch, 18inch and 24inch sizes. Chain can be supplied in mild steel or stainless.

Our Bucket Range consist of:

  • 12” Swing Tray Bucket
  • 18” Swing Tray Bucket
  • 24” Swing Tray Bucket
  • Anti- Static or Standard material

With a wide variety of models we carry an extensive range of accessories to meet the specific customer requirements.

We keep all standard components in stock, ensuring that we can provide quick and efficient service for our customers.

 Liners and scrapers are designed and manufacture inhouse according to your needs.

MSS offers a wide range of spares and accessories for all makes and models of Bucket Elevators. Wear plates, Shafts, Elevator leg sections, Tension Rods, Various sizes of buckets available in steel, stainless steel and plastic, Belts in many types and quality options such as anti-static, oil / fat resistant and food grade, Rubber lining on drive pulley, Aspiration connections and leg aspirators.

Manufactures of quality screw conveyor flight sand shafts. MMS also carries a wide range of Hanger bearings, Gears, Couplings, Bushings and Bearings. Shafts and Flights are available in mild and stainless steel.

Custom Design Screen and frames:

Our copper, seamless and stainless steel pipes are used by companies worldwide. We are very proud to be the #1 resource of pipes production in the US.

When it comes to taking a structural steel construction project onboard, we’ve got a full-cycle of steelworks production expertise at hand! Over all the years in business, our specialists have been involved in an array of steel construction projects of varying quality, from simple warehouses to complex skyscrapers, military-grade facilities and steel bridges… Just so you understand all the complexity that is usually involved in this process, let’s deconstruct the process backward… While it all ends with the erection of structural steelwork, the overall process consists of the assembly of steel components into a frame on site.


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