Parts for Engineering

MSS offers a wide variety of custom designed screens and trays according to any specifications.

Wood and Aluminium Frames, Ball Racks and Balls, Grader Screens, Rotary Screens, Indent Cylinders and Test Kits.

Each screen is individually designed offering optimal detailed spacing and open area required for each application.

With our in house punch machines and wood frame workshop, we offer fast and efficient service with every order.

In addition to cleaner and grading screens we offer:

  • A wide variety of hammer mill screens manufactured on a dedicated machine
  • RSM Sifter screens with or with screen (Micron, stainless, mild or mesh)
  • Le Coq Sifter Screens
  • Coniperth screens imported with finesh of quality

Our on-site design and manufacturing facility offers a wide selection of perforated sheets in;

  •  Mild or Stainless steel.
  • Round Holes 3mm to 30mm Normal / Milling type and Superfine Perforated Sheet.
  • Straight Slotted Perforation or Staggered Slotted Perforations.

MSS Supplies mechanical parts for the following Seed Processing Equipment, Cyclofan, Delta Screen Cleaners, Gravity Separators, Indent Cylinders, Cylindrical Graders, Destoners, Scalperators, Maize Shellers, Drum Scalpers, Batch Coaters, Brush Machines, Valvet Rollers, De-Awners and Belt Sorters. MSS Supplies Cimbria genuine parts however we are not limited to Cimbria only. We also supply mechanical parts for all leading brands.

Custom Design Screen and frames:

Our copper, seamless and stainless steel pipes are used by companies worldwide. We are very proud to be the #1 resource of pipes production in the US.

When it comes to taking a structural steel construction project onboard, we’ve got a full-cycle of steelworks production expertise at hand! Over all the years in business, our specialists have been involved in an array of steel construction projects of varying quality, from simple warehouses to complex skyscrapers, military-grade facilities and steel bridges… Just so you understand all the complexity that is usually involved in this process, let’s deconstruct the process backward… While it all ends with the erection of structural steelwork, the overall process consists of the assembly of steel components into a frame on site.


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